Paying yourself first

August 3, 2011


With being out of debt for close to 5 months now, my savings are still not up to par with where I would like, but I am going to work on that.

I think I need to change how I think about my money. The whatever is left over saving method just isn’t working for me I need to take a proactive approach to see the results I want to see. Enter, paying yourself first. I definitely have to look at having money for me first then paying for everything and having spending money or random money as well. Secondly, I need to stop using my credit card. Which I think will make a difference, I want to switch back to paying cash. With paying cash there is a end and also a requirement to ensure you have enough money for the drinks/ food/ experience that you are paying for. It truly changes how I experience going out or saving. I think I will try this for a week and check in.















Summer- Allergies and cuts and scrapes.

July 17, 2011

Being allergic sucks… but I found 2 coupons and 2 roll backs that I will pick up to have handy this summer… One for Antihistamine that I use when I eat things I am allergic to and Polysporin to go because all our first aid kit liquids were tossed.

Heres the link to the roll backs here at Walmart.

Polysporn to go $6.97 – $3 =$3.97

Benadryl Elixir 100 ML $5.57-$2.50 =$2.27

Polysporn to go coupon – here
Benadryl coupon- here

Out of debt

May 29, 2011

I feel like I am now in limbo…. but proud to be out of debt for 2-3 months now.
I like that I can save more money, but I am saing for vacation which seems to take all my old debt repayment amounts.
we also bought a tv and a lot of wii accessories. so cashflow hasn’t changed like I thought it would….


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